The buyer gets a refund if the purchased product does not meet the specifications, provided that it is in its original condition.

You can also receive a refund in 24 hours from the time you receive the product.

The stages of refunding the money

  1. Contact the sales team about the problem that you are facing with the purchased product and search for solutions or answers about the existing problem.
  2. The product will be returned to Nutritions Galaxy again when it does not meet the specifications, and the site will solve the problem immediately.
  3. After receiving the product by the marketing team and making sure that it is in its original condition, the refund will be returned to the customer.

Terms of return

  1. The product has never been used.
  2. Keep products in their original packaging.
  3. The seller bears the cost of returns shipping if the seller is the reason. If the reason is not related to the seller, then the return shipping value is deducted from the customer’s amount and the basic shipping value as well.

Non-returnable products

  1. Products that have been used or that have been damaged after receiving them.
  2. Change the serial number of the product that was purchased.
  3. More than 24 hours have passed from the time the customer receives the product.

Follow up order status

Individuals can follow up the order through a Shipping Policy number and contact the shipping company directly.

If there is any problem, you can contact with customer service of the nutritions galaxy at 0503585025.

There are many questions about the return policy as follows:

How long does it take to retrieve an order?

The team of the nutritions galaxy will contact you within a maximum period of five days from the date of order.

What is the appropriate way to get my money back?

The funds are returned by banking transfer to the customer’s account.

Can a product be replaced instead of a refund?

Yes, Nutritions Galaxy supports the policy of replacing products within 3 days of receiving them, but the products that have been purchased must be in a good condition, well-packed, and not used, by contacting customer service at 0503585025 or visiting the branch.

Email us for support: support@nutritionsgalaxy.com

The online store has the right to cancel the customer’s request within a maximum period of 48 hours without referring to the customer, with the obligation to communicate with the customer and transfer the paid amount
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