Nutritions Galaxy

 is a Saudi organization founded in March 2017 based in Riyadh, which is characterized by having many different types of nutritional supplements, healthy snacks, vitamins, proteins, and sport accessories, Nutritions Galaxy supports athletes and helping them to choose the appropriate supplements to meet their goals, We are located in Riyadh (Al-Nahda District – Al-Shuhada District) and our customers are in all regions of the Kingdom through express shipping service, We aspire to become the best locally and establish many branches in all cities of the Kingdom. Nutritions Galaxy is one of the most important sites in the Saudi market, which aims to reach all cities of the Kingdom.  Nutritions Galaxy is a comprehensive site that offers many different products such as nutritional supplements, healthy snacks, amino acids, proteins, carbohydrates, energy products, and fat burners.

Objectives of nutritions galaxy

Providing products and nutritional supplements that are not available in the market easily with the best possible quality and competitive prices because we strive to be the best choice for our customers.  

the best nutritional supplement website

  1. A comprehensive website that contains all kinds of nutritional supplements and snacks that individuals need without effort.
  2. The quality of the products offered for sale is the most important characteristic of the nutritions galaxy, as it combines many famous brands to make all satisfied.
  3. Buying and selling products in a simplified and smooth manner.
  4. 24-hour technical support to understand customer requirements and meet their needs.
  5. Clients can follow up the order through the website.
  6. Maintaining the personal data of customers, because the goal of Nutritions Galaxy is to gain the confidence of its customers.
  7. The orders arrive at the least possible time and at a much lower cost than other selling sites.

Important advices when shopping on the Internet

  1. Do not give your card data to anyone, and you must make sure that the site uses a safe browser.
  2. Read the conditions before making the purchase in order to ensure your rights and not to be stolen by untrustworthy sites.
  3. Before making a purchase, check product specifications carefully to get the product you are looking for.
  4. Listening to the opinions of other consumers about the product you want to buy in order to determine the appropriate decision.

Money-back guarantee

Nutritions Galaxy will refund the money to the customers again if they receive products that do not conform to the specifications presented on the site, this is in order to ensure consumer rights according to laws and regulations.    

VAT certificates and commercial registry​

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